The Myth of Racist Kids – anti-racist policy and the regulation of school life

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The Macpherson Mindset

Far from creating a better world the Stephen Lawrence case became hijacked and twisted around to suit the needs of official anti-racism.  Just when a new generation might have discarded those old race-tinted spectacles Macpherson-think said put them back on


ARTICLE - Posted: January 9th 2012

Who could blame Doreen Lawrence for relentlessly pursuing justice for her son?  For both Doreen and Neville Lawrence losing their teenage son in such a brutal attack must have delivered excruciating torment - suffering made infinitely worse by the failure of the police to produce a conviction.

In 1993, the year that Stephen was murdered, there were 565 recorded homicides in the UK – less than the typical yearly average of around 700.  About a third were stabbings.   On January 18th 1993, some 13 weeks before Stephen’s murder, 16 year old Claire Tiltman from Greenhithe, Kent was stabbed more than 40 times as she took a shortcut to visit a friend.  Her killer has never been found.  Speaking in 2003, Claire’s father described the frustration of not knowing who was responsible for the murder, “You cannot take out your anger on anyone - if I knew who it was it would help," he said.  Regular viewers of the BBC TV show Crimewatch will have witnessed the heart-wrenching agony of those who struggle with the loss of a child, a parent or a close friend, knowing that the perpetrator is still out there.

But what kind of justice has Doreen Lawrence achieved?  “How can I celebrate?” she said after yesterday’s convictions. “How can I celebrate when my son lies buried, when I cannot see him or speak to him? When I will not see him grow up or go to university, or get married or have children. These verdicts will not bring my son back.”


Zero Tolerance = Zero Thinking

Posted: December 22nd 2011

“Absolutely no one believes that racism is a more common scourge in English football today than it was a generation ago”, says today's Guardian editorial 'Racism in football: keep on kicking it out'.


“That’s not to say that racism has been eliminated from English football”.

Also true – and thank goodness this editorial remembered to add that point because the failure to be absolutely clear was the undoing of the hapless (and less than fluent in English) Sepp Blatter. But luckily the Guardian was able to then describe Blatters gaff as “disgraceful ignorance and insouciance”.

Because you’ve got to be careful if you’re going to keep on the right side of Zero Tolerance.


Bring me the head of Luis Suarez!

Posted: December 21st 2011

The FA’s sign-up to the cult of Zero Tolerance means Suarez is punished without the need for adequate evidence or context.

And the ironies abound… On BBC News, Piara Powar of Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) says “as I understand it the case [against Suarez] centred around the use of the word “Negrito”, which for Luis Suarez is apparently acceptable but for many of us in the UK racialising an interaction amongst players is not the right thing – its wrong, it is racially offensive”.   ‘Racialising an interaction amongst players’!!  Well, he got that right but I don’t think he meant the actions of the FA, Fifa, FARE, Kick it Out, Show Racism the Red Card …  Or did he?


Twitch Hunting the 'racist tram woman'

Posted: November 29th 2011

2 delusions for the price of one...

Twitch Hunting the obnoxious ‘racist tram woman’ gains extra momentum because she’s working class and her child is presumed a hapless, sponge-like creature.

We all know that the liberal elite love to reveal their contempt for ‘fat, ugly, white’ Britain (aka the white working class) at every opportunity.  But in the case of the possibly drunk or mentally ill ‘tram woman’ rant (lets face it we don’t know anything about her - yet) you get two popular delusions for the price of one.  Because there sitting on her lap is a child quietly soaking up his mother’s racist world view.  This is enough to set the whole world chattering because the idea that kids are indeed passive, sponge like creatures is all pervasive and actively encouraged by early years interventionists.  “From the day they are born, they are learning the beginnings of racial and often racially prejudiced attitudes – just as they are learning the beginnings of language”, says Jane Lane author of the 2008 National Children’s Bureau publication, Young Children and Racial Justice.


Kick it out (anti-racism that is)

Posted: 17th November 2011

Zero Tolerance toward on-field jibes and insults reveals the new pop anti-racism as glib and misanthropic.

So – lets look at the action replay.  On Wednesday 16th November Sepp Blatter makes his views about on-field racist language known to CNN.  Within a few blinks of the media eye a shrill referees whistle sounds out. Poor old Sepp has committed his worst foul so far.  By the end of the day its all over the news and dark clouds are looming.  Sepp tries to fan away the clouds by suggesting he’d been misunderstood.  But its too late. The following day Sepp’s “gaff” is front page news.  Rio Ferdinand and a swathe of footballers go on record to condemn Sepp’s remarks.  In fact, everyone joins in – culminating in Prime Minister David Cameron and even David Beckham himself chiming in with their condemnations. 

The rush to condemn the hapless Sepp Blatter is all too predictable because this time it’s a race issue.   Coming on the very same day that Luis Suarez joins John Terry in awaiting FA investigations for alleged racism, this was quite an own-goal from the Fifa president.  Why? Because Fifa, like the FA, have been at the forefront of demanding a zero tolerance approach to all manifestations of racism on and off the pitch.


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